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About Stark

Bold, captivating, and inspiring.

These three words encompass the very meaning of Stark Design Plus and have always been a part of my story. From a very young age, I was completely intrigued with art and design, and could be found drawing, taking photographs, and even painting murals on my bedroom walls every chance I got.

The passion and appreciation I gained for design continued to grow, and finding unique ways to reflect the good found in the world around me through visual text and imagery has framed who I am today. Not only do I challenge myself to think outside the box as a designer, wife, mother, and friend, I also have a keen understanding of the importance of building strong relationships with others, communicating clearly and nurturing the ideas of others along the way.

I take pride in listening well, being very perceptive, and continually branching out to try new things, open to all that life has to offer.

Whether I am creating visual concepts that inspire, inform, and captivate others, playing corn hole with friends, camping with my husband and two sons, or riding dirt bikes I have grown so very fond of, the trademark “for the good times”
rings steady and true.